I'm Noelle Pedace.

And there's one thing I know for sure... I love helping Coaches create successful businesses.

I will teach you how to build a  Coaching business that allows you to not only help other people but also create a life of balance, with the freedom you deserve and to thrive financially. No ifs, ands, or buts – It’s AMAZING!

But, so many Coaches are struggling!

Are you feeling frustrated because…

  • You don’t know what to post on social media.
  • You have no idea what to charge your clients, per session or per program – wait a minute, program… I need a program? 
  • Hours, days, and months are ticking by and still NO clients are booking consults.
  • Imposter syndrome is taking over and you doubt that you will even be able to help even one person.
  • Do you feel like a failure when nothing seems to work? Then you stop trying altogether thinking something is wrong with you because you can’t figure it out.
  • Or…You feel alone because you’re struggling and all the other coaches are succeeding while you’re stuck in a funk, not knowing what to do next.

What I see all the time, are new coaches who are overwhelmed and confused about marketing and end up wasting money on things like paid advertising and online courses they never use.

I get it!  I have been there.

It takes confidence, clarity, determination, and creativity – all things you don’t have much of these days right?!  Well guess what: It doesn’t have to be this way – you need help from someone who knows. Someone who has been there and done that. 

I’ve got you!  You won’t be alone. 

I have coached over 4,000 session and mentored almost 1,000 coaches who are building their businesses.

I am currently on faculty at The Life Coach School. And I have invested over $82k in certifications, programs, and coaches, all preparing me to help you!

What you will get from me:

  • A new mindset – let go of your limiting beliefs.
  • Gain clarity on who you want to help and the structure of your business.
  • Get the right strategy for you – it needs to align with who you are and not a one-size-fits-all.
  • Learn how to sell without feeling like it’s a four-letter dirty word.
  • And help with coaching tactics so you become an even better coach – knocking imposter syndrome on it’s booty!
  • Expand your capacity to create revenue and more importantly profit.
  • And so much more…
If you are struggling to create the business you desire, there is good news:  

the moment you decide to change your mindset, implement new strategies, and invest in yourself, you can finally stop playing small, feeling alone, confused, and vulnerable.

I believe that you can create the amazing business you want. Anyone can.  It just takes deciding what you want, then gradually making it happen, dealing with the fears and chipping away at the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Noelle Pedace

Get going and grab my 90 Day Coaching Business Blueprint so you know exactly what to do to create your first $50K coaching business and help others.

Let me tell you something about myself…

I have over 15 years of experience working my way up the corporate ladder in the oil industry.  I was successful. It paid off financially, but I have to warn you, it came at a high price. 

I traveled 90% of the time working 65-75 hours a week. I rarely saw my husband, I was exhausted and unfulfilled.  We decided to start a family and I became a stay-at-mom.

It was my dream to become a business owner.  As a stay-at-home mom, I started several very small part-time businesses.  They were fun, I made some money (in one of those businesses I made over 10k a month) and I learned a lot about being an entrepreneur.   I got my feet wet, so to speak. 

As my girls got older, I decided it was time to start a full-time successful business.  After hundreds of hours of research, study, and mentorship, I opened a business in the healthcare industry with a college friend.

I learned how to grow a serious business from the ground up. Our first year I worked more than I ever did in Corporate America. It was not what I was hoping for.

The amount of time I worked in my second year was not much better than my first.  As the business grew, revenues grew.  In our second year of business, our revenues were well over a million dollars a year.

From the outside, we looked like a very successful business.  We were humming!

Then it dawned on me. The reality was our profit margins were decreasing even though our revenues were rising, and it felt like I was working 24 hours a day, even though I had scaled back my work week. What I thought was my dream business, wasn’t! 

I was reading a self improvement book… another passion of mine!  And a sentence I read came off the page and hit me over the head. 

It was “You are 100% responsible for your own life.” 

Being that I love all things “self improvement”,  (one of the reasons I became a Certified Life Coach) logically, I already knew that I was responsible for creating my own life.  Yet, that night I stopped, and I re-read that sentence at least 10 times.  That’s when I decided to take action and change my life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I had a pretty good life comparatively speaking.  But I was tired of the stress, working long hours, and I still felt very unfulfilled. 

There had to be a better way! It took some time, but I got very clear on what I wanted in my life and the type of business I wanted to create. 

I knew I wanted to help people.  I wanted direct contact with people and I wanted to change their lives, I wasn’t getting that in my business. I wanted more time with my family and friends and a balanced life.  I also wanted to have the freedom to work when I wanted, from anywhere in the world. 

This, my friend, is what I have now created with my life coaching business.

I would love to help you achieve your dream business too.


Noelle Pedace

On a more personal note - Some fun facts about me

Beach or mountains?  Both!  I’m even starting to enjoy the desert.  If I had to rank them, it would be 1. Beach, 2. Mountains, and 3. The Desert.

I despise grocery stores!  I can never find what I want, so I try my hardest to stay far away.  My husband does the shopping (Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Sprouts).  I will go with him but only to push the cart.

My three favorite people to hang out with are my husband and two girls – Family is everything to me and they always make me laugh!

I love, love, LOVE dogs! We have two right now, a golden doodle named Maui and a small rescue dog named Harley.

My guilty pleasure is watching the reality TV show The Real Housewives – My favorites are Orange County, Beverly Hills, Salt Lake City, and New York.